Welcome to Synergy Management Group (SMG)

The purpose of SMG is to assist, advise and direct the development of young, ambitious hockey players who aspire to take their hockey experience to the highest level possible.

Player development and advancement is an on-going process that is a combination of effort, opportunity and resilience. It takes years of unwavering dedication and commitment to fulfill the dreams of the sport you love.  There are many twists and turns along the way that include both highs and lows. SMG will assist you in staying on course, help you manage the challenges you will face, and be there beside you as you achieve each success.

It is to any player’s great benefit to match your commitment with proper guidance and direction. SMG will ensure that your dedication and effort is properly guided and matched with our multi-step approach designed specifically for your development.  We will build a strong support system around every athlete we assist, enabling you to create many options, resulting in the proper academic and athletic fit for you.

SMG will serve as a knowledgeable, credible advocate for you when it comes to initial and on-going communication with prospective, interested teams and coaches.  We will provide references, make contacts, assist with the NCAA Eligibility Center, monitor your on and off ice development, provide a nutrition plan and be a constant source of information and answers for you, and to anyone who may be interested in you.  This advice, support and communication can play a significant role in your hockey future.

If your dreams include playing hockey and getting an education, take advantage of all SMG has to offer and become a client today.


What is a Hockey Family Advisor?

A Hockey Family Advisor (HFA) is a person experienced in the hockey business that assists and guides a young player through their youth hockey career process, focusing primarily on the graduation to junior hockey, and on to college hockey.

What is the role of SMG advising and why are we unique?

SMG’s role is to guide, direct, and monitor your player development process.  To a degree, we will serve as your personal coach and guide you every step of the way.  It is our goal to help you maximize the opportunity you have for achieving your hockey aspirations and dreams.

Youth Hockey, where should I play?

SMG believes that you should put yourself in a situation where you will receive good coaching, good competition, and most importantly, the opportunity to play regularly.

Junior hockey, what is it, and how do I get there?

Junior hockey is a high level of hockey that includes players aged 16-21 and is played in the United States. Junior hockey has several levels of competition; Tier I, II, and III, each defined by USA Hockey.

College hockey, what is it, and how do I get there?

There are different levels and leagues of college hockey, including Division I, Division III, and college Club hockey.  Players come from all across the world to fill the rosters on all of these teams.